We are a lubricant oil planning and marketing company.
I engaged in lubricant oil business at Sanwa Kasei Kogyo Co., Ltd. for 33 years., 10 years in quality control,
development and 23 years in marketing from 1985 until December 2018.
Then, I established Jyunken Co., Ltd. in January 2019.
We provide you with lubricant technology, product planning and sales know-how utilizing my experience.

For OEM, we can cope with various requests ranging from standard to specialty lubricants.
If you are not satisfied with the existing products and want to intensify specific aspects of performance, or develop
new oil that is not available in the marketplace, it is possible that you manufacture your own original product.
We can provide comprehensive knowledge from containers, product design to packaging so that you can limit your burdens to the minimum level.
With collaboration with manufacturers we deal with, we can arrange manufacturing of various grades of lubricant and grease by selecting makers that can match your requirement.
It is possible that we supply equal quality of product with one time production from a small lot of 20L up to 10KL per batch.

We promise you supplying constantly stable and high performance products with each maker maintaining high level of quality management.

Please contact us for any inquiry regarding lubricant oil.



Company Profile

■Company Name
Jyunken Co., Ltd.

January 2019

■Representative Director
Akira  Mutsukura

■Operating Offices
Head Office, Yokohama Plant
385-2, Hiradocho, Totsuka-ku, Yokohama-shi, Kanagawa-ken 244-0803 Japan

■Scope of Business
– Planning, manufacturing and sales of lubricant oil
– Arrangement of analysis of oil products
– Planning and sales of novelty goods

– Supporting member of Japan lubricating Oil Society
– Authorized Verity brand distributor

We can produce original lubricant oil.



We can arrange OEM for automotive, processing/maintenance and original lubricant oils.
We can manufacture, fill and supply you with lubricant oil meeting your requirements.

Benefit of our OEM scheme

1. Selection of products
– Assist in selecting products based on your idea
– Proposing manufacturing quantity based on your budget
– OEM arrangement from overseas. JAN setting is possible

2. Proposing OEM with reasonable costs
– Selecting makers that meet your budget
– Selecting best possible container makers and discussing design
– Negotiating prices with each candidate

3. Swift move to determine delivery time
– Deciding container and carton designs. Correction, revision and printing.
– Scheduling production with manufacturers
– Arrangement of a container, if necessary for export

4. Responding to small lots and small cans
– Possible to do OEM from a 20L pail
– Possible to fill from a 50ml
– Wrapping with label from small to 4L cans

5. Direct shipment after refilling into smaller cans is possible (from a 200L drum)
– A 20L can be refilled and delivered by the following day
– Small cans can be filled and delivered immediately upon receipt of order


We can arrange planning, development, manufacturing, filling and shipment of automotive,
processing/maintenance and original lubricant oils. We can offer a suitable proposal even if
you have no concrete idea.
We can discuss with you performance, package, package design, volume, budget, etc.



We can assist you if you want any other brand or equivalent product or if you want to intensify such and
such performances.
We can develop new product that you want by collaborating with manufacturers dealing with us.


We can offer you package design by our appointed designer discussing with you.
Also we plan and provide package and cartons that match your image.

20L  Possible to manufacture from 1 pail

20L We manufacture from 1 pail
Possible to manufacture up to 10KL (50 X 200L drums)

20L Pail

Applicable to various types of container filling

Possible to select various types of container
The following is an example:

Steel container













Plastic container


Pouch pack


Finished in about 50 days from completion of design

Tests will be repeated until you get satisfied with the trial product.
Your product will be completed in about 50 days after the design is decided.

Reliable Quality Management

Manufacturing and filling are basically done at ISO-certified factories.
Filling will start only after the manufactured product is confirmed passing the test
for quality control standards.

Shipment to your designated destination

Final products can be shipped from the factory to your designated destination.
For exports, a container shipment to your designated overseas port is possible.


We can respond to your needs through collaboration with several lubricant
manufacturers. Please do not hesitate to contact us for any inquiry you may have.


“ZEKURA” is an own brand of Jyunken Co., Ltd.

Performance is partially intensified by adding special additives to an engine oil manufactured
by a leading lubricant blender in Japan.

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